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Universal Practice – Our New Model & Telehealth

It is with a sense of ease and a new found confidence – we share our evolved physiotherapy model with you.  This will enable us to look after our team whilst supporting your health & wellbeing goals for 2020.

Universal Practice have moved to a simple but effective structure. We are now only offering Physiotherapy Appointments and 1:1 Clinical Classes.

When booking, both these services have a Telehealth option and an In-Studio option (our Malvern Rd, Fitzroy & Richmond Studios are still open for those that need).

Telehealth involves the use of virtual technology (Zoom) to deliver health care.

This means if you are self isolating, you can now receive best practice physiotherapy treatment and care from one of our expert physiotherapists from the comfort of your home. All of our physiotherapists are available through Telehealth for Physiotherapy Appointments and 1:1 Clinical Classes.

Please find details on all of these options below.

Our aim is to look after our team and support as many of you as we can whilst staying connected to our Universal Practice community and clients.



Physiotherapy patients have two ways of booking and accessing our care – through Telehealth or In-Studio.

If you are wondering how you can get value from a physiotherapy consult through Telehealth, when the physiotherapist can’t touch you – let us explain.

Best practice physiotherapy is changing all the time. All of the recent evidence indicates that 1) education on diagnosis, pain and function, and 2) detailed exercise rehab and therapy are the most effective in addressing musculoskeletal conditions, injuries, aches and pains. Both of which can be achieved through Telehealth.

A Universal Practice Telehealth Physiotherapy Appointment will involve:

– In depth discussion between you and one of our physiotherapists.
– Assessment of posture, movement, strength, control and any other relevant measures.
– Subsequent identification of the primary cause/diagnosis of your injury and all of the contributing factors involved. This is explained to you in a way you will understand. You will then completely understand ‘what’ your injury is and more importantly ‘why’ you have it.
– The prescription of a detailed and targeted home rehab program that will be progressed week-to-week until full recovery is achieved.
– This will result in meaningful change for not only your current injury, but for long-term injury prevention.

Physiotherapy Booking Options:

Physiotherapy Telehealth 30 min – $69
Physiotherapy Telehealth 45 min – $89

Physiotherapy In-Studio 30 min – $89
Physiotherapy In-Studio 60 min – $135

Please email info@universalpractice.com.au or call 03 9417 0869 to book. For information on Private Health Insurance see below.



All our Clinical Classes (which were previously run in small groups of three) now have a 1:1 model, running over a 45 min time-slot.

As with our Physiotherapy Appointments, you can choose to continue your 1:1 Clinical Classes with us by booking a 1:1 Clinical Class through Telehealth or In-Studio.

To keep processes as seamless and connected for our clinical clients as possible, clients will be able to use their Clinical Class packs to book these sessions.

A Universal Practice Telehealth 1:1 Clinical Classes will involve:

– Continuation of your rehabilitation and strength program.
– Real time feedback and guidance from our physiotherapists to ensure you are doing exercises correctly, and therefore receiving intended benefits.
– Modifications and variations that are appropriate to your injury or goals. This will ensure you are continuously getting better, and ensure that any harmful movements are avoided.
– Identification, diagnosis and reassurance of any new injuries or niggles that occur.
– Creative and functional options to mimic the use of our in-studio equipment such as the reformer and trapeze table (we are very innovative and are working as a team to come up with new ways to challenge you).
– A caring and human based approach to your wellbeing.

For those unsure of whether a 1:1 Clinical Class in your home environment will work or for those unsure about the technology itself, please give us a call – we can even organise a practice Telehealth session to give you a preview of what to expect.

All our equipment such as our chi balls, therabands and power bands are available for sale and can be delivered to you as requested – which will add depth to your sessions.

1:1 Clinical Class Booking Options:

1:1 Clinical Class Telehealth – $60 (or use Clinical Class Packs)
1:1 Clinical Class In-Studio – $60 (or use Clinical Class Packs)

Please email info@universalpractice.com.au or call 03 9417 0869 to book. For information on Private Health Insurance see below.