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The cornerstone of health and movement is strength – Universal Practice

Strength & Conditioning at Universal Practice

Led by Physiotherapists, our Strength & Conditioning stream is designed for end stage rehabilitation and those recovering from sports injury, cross training and general strengthening.

We offer an offer in Individual Strength & Conditioning Assessments, Individual Strength & Conditioning Classes and dynamic group Strength & Conditioning classes.

Ideal for all ages, athletes, sports players and those that feel strength in their every day life could be improved. We all need good quality strengthening, biomechanical retraining and mobility work to ensure our bodies are not subject to overuse injury, tendonopathy and stress reactions as well as making sure we are performing efficiently.

As the Individual Sessions and Classes are taught by Physiotherapists, the Private Health Care Rebate is available after an Initial Assessment is booked.


Strength & Conditioning Initial Assessment

An individual 30min appointment with our Physiotherapists, to assess your individual imbalances and objectively measure your strength relative to your sport, age and performance level. We provide hands on facilitation and cueing, and individualised exercise and stability programs that are designed for you to attend within our practice or take home to your own sporting or gym environment.

Strength & Conditioning Class

Designed and led by Physiotherapists, our Strength & Conditioning Class is a challenging and upbeat session that focusses on functional strength and dynamic movement patterns through a clinical lens.

This high level class is a full body workout with exercises meaningfully selected to improve strength, sharpen movement patterns, build lean muscle, improve core stability, increase your heart rate and increase your fitness. Expect hands on adjustments and biomechanical cueing to ensure correct technique. This allows for true strength and conditioning gains that will assist you in the gym, on the sporting track and will lift your general wellbeing.

As the Class is taught by Physiotherapists, the Private Health Care Rebate is available.

Class length: 50 minutes.
Class not suitable for those with injury. If you are unsure whether or not this class is suitable for you please call us or book a 30min Physiotherapy Assessment with one of our Physiotherapists who will advise you accordingly.

Initial Strength & Conditioning Assessment
Individual Strength & Condition Session - 30 min
Individual Strength & Conditioning Session - 60 min
Strength & Conditioning Class
$25 / 5 Pack $115 / 10 Pack $200
Practice Membership
$64 p/wk (minimum 12 week period)