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It’s the mind itself that builds the body – Joseph Pilates

Clinical Classes & Reformer Classes

At Universal Practice our physiotherapists offer two Pilates based streams, Clinical Classes and Reformer Classes.

Clinical Classes are gold standard in their approach to health, rehabilitation, performance and wellbeing. These classes are run in a small group of three, and individualised specifically to the patients needs. They are ideal for patients with injury and in pain, for athletes looking to create specific changes in the motor control and biomechanics, and for those wanting best practice care.

Reformer Classes are a dynamic group class, suitable for higher level clientele wanting to address motor control, stability, strength and biomechanics. The classes address the whole body and a run at an advanced level.

Clinical Classes

All patients new to Universal Practice looking to begin Clinical Classes begin with an Initial Physiotherapy Assessment. During this appointment our experienced physiotherapists will guide you through a detailed interview to establish your needs and goals. This is followed by a objective physical assessment to identify your clinical presentation, underlying clinical needs and biomechanics.

Through comprehensive clinical reasoning your physiotherapist will then establish the clinical framework required to begin your specific and detailed exercise program.  This program usually begins with motor control and stability based exercises and extends to 3-dimensional, whole body, strength and mobility based movements to ensure functional translation.

With foundations in science, our Clinical Classes traverse medicine and mindful movement to deliver best practice treatment, creating meaningful change in your pain, function and performance.

Pilates for Rehabilitation

During pain, injury and pathology, the body creates alternate movement patterns and compensatory strategies to assist in protecting itself and offloading painful or weak areas.

Our Clinical Classes address these imbalances from a motor control, stability and strength perspective to not only assist in healing and pain management but to enable you to move forward with higher-level activity, sport or recreation.

Pilates for Sport

Our Clinical Classes address stability, control, biomechanics and functional strength to create a change in how your body moves and where your body absorbs load, to reduce the risk of injury and other issues caused by muscle imbalance. By creating small changes in alignment, strength and biomechanics your body’s output is more efficient, optimising performance whilst minimising injury and setbacks.

We recommend Clinical Classes for athletes with specific or clinical goals, alternatively we have a specialty Reformer Athlete Class for a group based approach.

Pilates for Wellbeing and Strengthening

Pilates inherently feels good on the body and focuses the mind, as you specifically mobilise tight areas and strengthen weaknesses. The goal is to optimise movement and functioning of your body to promote health and wellbeing. Many of our clients choose Clinical and Reformer Classes at Universal Practice to strengthen the body, maintain health, improve posture, reduce injury and achieve personal goals.

Pilates for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most important time in a women’s life to be looking after her mental and physical health.

Although this emotional, physiological and anatomical pathway is natural, there can be common and sometimes unwanted musculoskeletal imbalances related to stability, hormones, changes in body shape and lifestyle.

Physiotherapists are the industry experts in assessing and treating these imbalances. In conjunction to hands on Physiotherapy Treatment we offer Clinical Pilates and Ante and Post Natal Reformer Pilates to assist women in keeping their body healthy through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Visit our Physiotherapy Treatments Tab to book your Initial Ante & Post Natal Assessment.

Teacher Trainings and Education

We run a variety of Workshops and Pilates Teacher Trainings through-out the year. Visit our Education Tab for more details.


Individual Clinical Class – 30 minute

Led by our physiotherapists, this one on one session is designed to get you ready for our Clinical Classes. Our Individual Clinical Classes can also be booked in an ongoing nature for a highly specific, accurate and considered approach.  The session can include the mat, reformer, ladder barrel, trapeze table and functional exercises.

Individual Clinical Class – 60 minute

Lead by one of our Physiotherapists this Individual session is a highly specific, accurate and considered approach.  The session can include the mat, reformer, ladder barrel, trapeze table and functional exercises.

1:1 Clinical Class Telehealth

As with our Physiotherapy Appointments, you can choose to book your Individual Clinical Classes with us through Telehealth or In-Studio.

To keep processes as seamless and connected for our clinical clients as possible, clients will be able to use their Clinical Class packs to book Telehealth sessions.

A Universal Practice Telehealth 1:1 Clinical Classes will involve:

– Continuation of your rehabilitation and strength program.
– Real time feedback and guidance from our physiotherapists to ensure you are doing exercises correctly, and therefore receiving intended benefits.
– Modifications and variations that are appropriate to your injury or goals. This will ensure you are continuously getting better, and ensure that any harmful movements are avoided.
– Identification, diagnosis and reassurance of any new injuries or niggles that occur.
– Creative and functional options to mimic the use of our in-studio equipment such as the reformer and trapeze table (we are very innovative and are working as a team to come up with new ways to challenge you).
– A caring and human based approach to your wellbeing.

For those unsure of whether a 1:1 Clinical Class in your home environment will work or for those unsure about the technology itself, please give us a call – we can even organise a practice Telehealth session to give you a preview of what to expect.

All our equipment such as our chi balls, therabands and power bands are available for sale and can be delivered to you as requested – which will add depth to your sessions.

Clinical Classes

Lead by Physiotherapists, Clinical Pilates offers an individualised approach in small groups of up to three. These classes are specific to the client’s clinical presentation and own goals, ideal for rehabilitation programs and clients who prefer a more tailored approach with personalised attention. Classes use a combination of the mat, reformer, trapeze table, wander-chair and ladder barrel.

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Reformer Classes

Lead by Physiotherapists, this guided class is taught on Reformers and focuses on deep-layer muscular patterning and whole body functional strength. In a skilful class combining stability, flexibility and awareness, our dynamic Reformer Pilates Class emphasises the complete co-ordination of mind, body and spirit.

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Ante and Post Natal

Lead by Physiotherapists, this tailored class has emphasis on pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscle strengthening and stability, and pregnancy related posture to help adjust to changes during pregnancy as well as tone and strengthen these muscles safely after the birth of your baby. Classes are led by experienced Physiotherapists using the Reformers and complemented with mat work for a holistic approach. Perfect for women at any stage of pregnancy and beyond.

Please note: we recommend attending a 30 minute Initial Pilates Assessment with one of our Physiotherapists prior to commencing these classes, so that we can assess and address pelvic floor and the deep abdominal musculature, and flag any muscular imbalances which may be heightened during your pregnancy. At 20 weeks gestation we may recommend you move to our Clinical Pilates Classes.

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Reformer Athlete

Lead by Physiotherapists, this guided class is taught on Reformers and focuses on deep-layer muscular patterning specific to running and agility sports.  Emphasis is on biomechanical alignment and correct muscular activation. Ideal for increasing awareness and therefore gaining improvements in speed, endurance and technique. Our dynamic Reformer Athlete class is an interconnected approach providing a cross training platform for most land based sports. This class is also ideal for non athletes wishing to improve their strength and biomechanics.

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Individual Clinical Class (1:1) - 30 minute
Individual Clinical Class (1:1) - 60 minute
Clinical Class (3:1)
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Reformer Classes (9:1)
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