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Physiotherapy at Universal Practice

Universal Practice is an elite physiotherapy setting, underpinned by the evidenced based sciences of physiotherapy and medicine.

As medical professionals, we vow to provide our patients with the best treatment and care available through competency and compassion. It is our duty and we are responsible for the health of each client that walks through our door.

Modern science is at the forefront of innovation with the latest ACL reconstruction, tendon treatment and exercise intervention. As medicine continues to evolve so too does Universal Practice. We employ a practice grounded in science to yield best results for our patients of all ages, capacities and function.

Your Initial Physiotherapy Appointment

Patients new to Universal Practice begin with an Initial Physiotherapy Assessment. During this appointment our experienced physiotherapists will guide you through a detailed interview to establish your needs and goals. This is followed by a objective physical assessment to identify your clinical presentation, underlying clinical needs and biomechanics.

Your physiotherapy treatment will then consist of a variety of hands on manual therapy techniques, education, detailed and specific exercise prescription and as required we may recommend our physiotherapy-led Clinical, Reformer, Strength & Conditioning or Yoga Classes to compliment your treatment outcomes.

At Universal Practice we promote a multi-disciplinary approach to health and wellbeing, and may refer to our trusting network of doctors and specialist services to assist in your recovery.

Telehealth Physiotherapy Appointments

Physiotherapy patients have two ways of booking and accessing our care – through Telehealth or In-Studio.

If you are wondering how you can get value from a physiotherapy consult through Telehealth, when the physiotherapist can’t touch you – let us explain.

Best practice physiotherapy is changing all the time. All of the recent evidence indicates that 1) education on diagnosis, pain and function, and 2) detailed exercise rehab and therapy are the most effective in addressing musculoskeletal conditions, injuries, aches and pains. Both of which can be achieved through Telehealth.

A Universal Practice Telehealth Physiotherapy Appointment will involve:

– In depth discussion between you and one of our physiotherapists.
– Assessment of posture, movement, strength, control and any other relevant measures.
– Subsequent identification of the primary cause/diagnosis of your injury and all of the contributing factors involved. This is explained to you in a way you will understand. You will then completely understand ‘what’ your injury is and more importantly ‘why’ you have it.
– The prescription of a detailed and targeted home rehab program that will be progressed week-to-week until full recovery is achieved.
– This will result in meaningful change for not only your current injury, but for long-term injury prevention.

Physiotherapy Booking Options:

Physiotherapy Telehealth 30 min – $105

Physiotherapy In-Studio 30 min – $105
Physiotherapy In-Studio 60 min – $160

Sports Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is instrumental in keeping athletes on the field; preventing sports injury and optimising performance with manual therapy, exercise prescription and injury management.

Our Physiotherapists in Richmond, Fitzroy and Malvern are skilled in the management and rehabilitation of all sporting injuries and are proud to have working relationship with a variety of sporting clubs including:

  • NCE High Performance Gymnastics Centre
  • Hawthorn Football Club (AFL)
  • Carlton Football Club (AFL)
  • Essendon Football Club (AFL)

Ante and Post Natal Physiotherapy

We are delighted to offer Ante & Post Natal Assessments In-Studio and through Telehealth.

Pregnancy is one of the most important time in a women’s life to be looking after her mental and physical health.

Although this emotional, physiological and anatomical pathway is natural, there can be common and sometimes unwanted musculoskeletal imbalances related to stability, hormones, changes in body shape and lifestyle.

Physiotherapists are the industry experts in assessing and treating these imbalances, and in conjunction to our hands on therapy we use education, stability programs and Pilates to keep your body healthy through pregnancy, birth and beyond.


Physiotherapy In-Studio 30 min

A 30 Minute Appointment with one of our Physiotherapists is the standard consultation, and appropriate for most conditions and injuries.

Physiotherapy In-Studio 60 min

A 60 Minute Appointment with one of our Physiotherapists is required for complex conditions or for when more than one body part is involved.

Physiotherapy Telehealth 30 min

Telehealth involves the use of virtual technology (Zoom) to deliver health care.

This means if you are self isolating, you can now receive best practice physiotherapy treatment and care from one of our expert physiotherapists from the comfort of your home. All of our physiotherapists are available through Telehealth for Physiotherapy Appointments and 1:1 Clinical Classes.

Ante & Post Natal Assessment

Our Physiotherapy Ante and Post Natal Assessment addresses your body as a whole. From these outcomes we are able to recommend which treatments and classes will best optimise your health throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Universal Practice has an individualised and scientific approach towards Ante and Post Natal care, which includes: Physiotherapy Treatments, Clinical Pilates, Ante & Post Natal Reformer Pilates and Ante & Post Natal Yoga Classes – All taught by Physiotherapists.

Claimable on Private Health Insurance.

Physiotherapy In-Studio 30 min
Physiotherapy In-Studio 60 min
Physiotherapy Telehealth 30 min
Ante & Post Natal Assessment