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Yoga & Meditation

‘If the ocean can calm itself so can you. We are both salt water mixed with air’ – Nayyirah Waheed.


All Yoga Classes at Universal Practice in Melbourne are taught by Physiotherapists, and are rebatable with Private Health Insurance.

Yoga is both a Science and a Philosophy that has been practiced by society people for thousands of years. In line with the Sanskrit definition of yoga ‘to bind’, yoga addresses the health of the physical body, the mind and the spirit.

At Universal Practice, our Physiotherapists recognise the complexity and interconnectedness of our health. Science is now unravelling the ancient practice of yoga, to find tangible and explainable health benefits linked to awareness, breath, nervous system stimulation, strengthening, flexibility and functioning of our vital organs. This promotes healing and health of the body, balances the emotions and creates a clear thinking mind.

If you are new to yoga, or if you are unsure whether it is the right practice for you, you can attend a 30 minute Physiotherapy Consult, or an Individual 6o minute Yoga Session prior to starting group classes.

Yoga for Sport

If you are interested in yoga for specific gains in strengthening and flexibility we recommend Ropes Yoga. The cornerstone of Ropes Yoga is alignment, providing a specific and accurate approach towards flexibility, strength, control, breath and focus.

Yoga for Pregnancy

As all Yoga Classes at Melbourne’s Universal Practice are taught by Physiotherapists, we understand how to provide an environment that is safe for women during pregnancy. Practicing Yoga during pregnancy is a wonderful opportunity to take the time to focus on yourself. For this clientele we recommend our Signature Ante & Post Natal Yoga Class which is specifically designed for pregnant women, or our Ropes Yoga, as the feedback from the Ropes provides support and the class is focussed around alignment and stability. At 20 weeks gestation we recommend a 30 Minute Physiotherapy Appointment with one of our Physiotherapists, to discuss modifications, assess structural stability of your body and guide you on how best to manage the later half of your pregnancy.

Yoga for Older People

At Universal Practice we have many clients that practice Yoga in the later years of their life. For those mature clients, we recommend a 30 Minute Physiotherapy Appointment prior to attending your first class so we can assess your body, in relation to its limitations and your goals, and discuss the best approach for you.

Yoga for Pain

There is a tremendous amount of evidence surrounding the changes pain has on the central nervous system (your brain) and how this affects our perception and ability to function. Yoga may be indicated for your pain, however we recommend a 30 Minute Physiotherapy Appointment prior to attending your first class to assess and discuss Yoga’s appropriateness for you, providing you with an individualised approach to assist you in your pain management.

Yoga with Injury

We have many clients who do Yoga with injury, either as part of their rehabilitation for strengthening, pain management and mobility and for general health benefits. We recommend a 30 Minute Physiotherapy Appointment prior to attending a class if you are unsure how to manage your injury, so we can assist you with modifications and guide you as to which style of Yoga Class or Individual Session is best for you.


Individual Yoga

Lead by Physiotherapists, Universal Practice Individual Yoga Sessions focus on alignment and correct technique from a clinical perspective, employing the use of props, such as ropes, blocks and bolsters as necessary. The session can be tailored to focus on specific parts of the body, allowing modifications for sensitive areas and injuries. Clients can also use these individual sessions to work towards the Ropes Yoga and Yoga Asana Classes or to create a Home Yoga Practice. This class lets you bring your own focus and is adapted to move at your own pace.

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Ropes Yoga

Lead by Physiotherapists, our clinically styled Ropes Yoga classes focus on alignment, strength and flexibility, employing the use of props, such as ropes and blocks to assist and support the body (ideal for those new to yoga). Classes are tailored by our Physiotherapists to focus on specific parts of the body for each individual, allowing modifications for sensitive areas and injuries. More like a traditional practice, with long-hold poses, this class lets you bring your own focus and modify at your own pace.

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Yoga Asana

Lead by Physiotherapists, our Yoga Asana is a dynamic sequence of postures taught with a clinical application of anatomical and physiological knowledge. In line with the Sanskrit definition of yoga ‘to bind’, the physical postures (asanas) were designed to build physical strength, develop flexibility, and gain awareness of the breath. This class is the ultimate union of mind, body and spirit in one.

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Ante & Post Natal Yoga

Pregnancy is the most important time in a women’s life to be looking after her mental and physical health.
Although this emotional, physiological and anatomical pathway is natural, there can be common and sometimes unwanted musculoskeletal imbalances related to stability, hormones, changes in body shape and lifestyle.

Physiotherapists are the industry experts in assessing and treating these imbalances. In conjunction to hands on Physiotherapy Treatment we offer Clinical Pilates and Ante and Post Natal Reformer Pilates and Yoga to assist women in keeping their body healthy through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Universal Practice Ante & Post Natal Yoga Classes are taught by Physiotherapists, and claimable on Private Health Insurance. These classes blend mindfulness, meditation, gentle mobility work and strengthening.

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Yin Soundbath

Yin Yoga is a blend of Yoga, Mindfulness and Chinese Medicine. Gentle poses are held for prolonged periods with care and caution, relaxing and surrendering the whole body in the present moment.  Focussing on deep connective tissue, joints and ligaments. The class is accompanied with the healing vibrations of our gong and singing bowls.

Sound Meditation

30 minute Sound Meditation can be done seated or lying down. Our gong and singing bowls create sound vibrations, which travel through the air and when absorbed by your mind and body assist in relaxation, recovery and stress reduction. Ideal for those new to meditation.

You can wear whatever clothes you wish, but shoes must be left at the door.

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