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Universal Practice at Home - Launching Today!


Welcome to Universal Practice at Home – a dynamic online platform enabling all ages and fitness levels to assess the world class Physiotherapy Treatments and Classes of Universal Practice in the comfort of their home.

Expect quality, creative, results driven programs – that can be done singularly, as part of our virtual programs or with family and friends.

Unlimited access to Pilates, Stability, Strength & Conditioning, Ante & Post Natal, +65 yr olds and Meditation classes – all led by the Universal Practice Physiotherapy team. New sessions added weekly with different levels of difficulty to choose from.

Guided schedules are also included, tailored toward individual portfolios to assist athletes, stay at home workers, older clientele, expecting mothers and those looking to generally stay healthy with what is best for them each week.

Sessions range from 12-30 minutes, with complete visual demonstration and guided cueing so you can be sure you are doing it right. There is also a section aptly named “5 minute challenges” that can be teamed up with other workouts, done at the end of your run or when you need a quick fix.

Universal Practice at Home can be accessed online, through smart TV and mobile devices.

Equipment is available for purchase to complement the sessions however is not required.

Pricing $49 per month, 3 month up-front sign up for $125, 6 month up-front sign up $220

email: info@universalpractice.com.au for more details if you can’t wait.