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The Importance of Motor Control

Finding good motor control and stability requires the complete coordination of the brain, nervous system and muscle. Once we achieve this synchronised pattern

Breathing Technique to Unwind

A useful breathing technique useful for stressful or high load situations – and also useful for helping you drift off to sleep at night. First, notice your

Universal Practice – Our New Model & Telehealth

It is with a sense of ease and a new found confidence – we share our evolved physiotherapy model with you.  This will enable us to look after our team

Universal Practice at Home - Launching Today!

LAUNCHING TODAY! Welcome to Universal Practice at Home – a dynamic online platform enabling all ages and fitness levels to assess the world class

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment

At Universal Practice, we offer a detailed, holistic and evidence based physiotherapy approach to pain, healing, rehabilitation and performance. We treat and

Intro Offer - 2 Weeks Unlimited Classes $49

Unlimited Group Classes for 2 Weeks – Just $49. Includes Reformer Pilates, Strength & Conditioning and Yoga Classes. Access to all 3 studios located