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Breathing Technique to Unwind

A useful breathing technique useful for stressful or high load situations – and also useful for helping you drift off to sleep at night. First, notice your breath. Inhale deeply, then exhale a sigh of relief. On your following inhale, draw the breath low into your belly over a count of 5. Make sure your belly expands and the breath is deep. Hold your inhale for a count of 3. Then exhale over a count 5. Make sure to completely relax over the exhale. Use the exhale as a vehicle to let go of any tension you may be holding onto. Continue for a minimum of 10 breaths. Or for a longer lasting cellular change, continue for up to 5 minutes. Not only is this breath deeply relaxing, it calms the nervous system and focuses the mind. Leaving you feeling peaceful and at ease. Further breathing exercises are available in the Explore section.