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How do I book a class?

The first step is to create a Universal Practice account through our booking system Mind Body Online, either on your smart phone or via the Mind Body or Universal Practice website. If you have any queries or require assistance please call 9417 0869 or email and one of our Administrative Support Team or Physiotherapists will be able to assist you.

Can I attend a class if I have an injury?

Yes.  However if your are unsure how to manage your injury yourself, we recommend  you book a 30 minute consult with one of our physiotherapists for safe and specific injury management throughout our classes.

What do I need to bring to Universal Practice?

We require socks in all our Pilates Classes for hygiene reasons. If you forget your socks, we have them available for purchase for $8.

All Pilates, Yoga and Meditation equipment is supplied including mats. Please bring a water bottle if you wish to hydrate through the class.

We recommend loose fitting clothing for Physiotherapy Appointments, however if you are coming from work we have spare shorts for you to wear if your appointment requires.

Can I go into the Yoga Studio before the class starts?

We recommend coming to yoga early so that you can settle into and enjoy the ambience of the room.

We ask that anyone entering the yoga room before class starts, does so in silence – to respect those that are healing and taking time for themselves.

Can I come to Pilates early?

We recommend coming to Pilates early – so that you can stretch, use the foam rollers and spikey balls to prepare your body for class.

We ask that you do not start using the equipment until you Physiotherapist directs you.

Is Pilates appropriate for my Mum / Dad?

Absolutely. Many of Universal Practice clients are above the age of 40, with our most elderly clients being in their 80’s.

We recommend these clients booking an Initial Pilates Assessment with one of our Physiotherapists so that the Physiotherapist can guide them toward the style of Pilates that is right for their body.

Are you employing Physiotherapists or Administrative Staff, and how do I apply?

We are always looking for team members that are intelligent, passionate, creative and aspire to be at the forefront of medicine.

Please drop into the studio and attend a class before submitting your resume. This way you will be able to experience what we do, and you will know whether or not we are the right fit for you.

Then if you are interested, please send your resume to

Does Universal Practice run Corporate Classes?

Yes, we have numerous partnerships with like-minded organisations.

Please enquire;