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The only Physiotherapy-led Pilates Course to receive accreditation from the Australian Physiotherapy Council

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At Universal Practice our mission is to challenge the industry standard of best practice physiotherapy and professional development. The Universal Practice Clinical Mat & Reformer Pilates Course is the only Pilates Course to have received accreditation from the Australian Physiotherapy Council (2018) in Australia, designed specifically for physiotherapists and the physiotherapy profession.

We teach an evidence-based syllabus that combines creativity, understanding and practical application, empowering you to teach and succeed in your career.

Our courses combine theory, lecture series and practical with real-time teaching components such as sequencing a class, touch and communication, as well as ongoing mentorship.

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Deepen your knowledge and understanding of motor control, motor planning, muscle activation, strength and biomechanics, with specific application to the lumbar spine, pelvis, hip, thoracic, cervical and scapular.

We explore and master these foundational principles and how they relate to pain, pathology, injury, overuse conditions and sport with the use of mat and reformer repertoire.

We equip you with the clinical reasoning, movement analysis, specific exercise prescription, detail and the care required to treat patients and clients of all capacities – from those with chronic pain and disease through to elite athletes and high level clientele.

The UP Edu syllabus goes far beyond the text book approach, delving into the ‘why’ behind mat and reformer based repertoire. Essential for all physiotherapists and health professionals working in the hospital, community, private practice, rehabilitative, elite sport and group class setting.

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NEXT INTAKE – April 2024:

Our course offers ease, flexibility and ongoing access to content, resources and lecture series to allow for your supported learning and continued review. Our delivery includes:

– In Studio 3 Day Practical Intensive

– UP Edu Portal (3 month access to lecture series, content and repertoire)

– UP Edu Manual (written content, exercise break down and analysis)

Pricing: $1495 (Early Bird $1250)


Fri 19 April: 12pm – 5:30pm

Sat 20 April: 9:30am – 5pm

Sun 21 April: 9:30am – 5pm

Our practical sessions to cover core principles, reformer repertoire, clinical case studies, sequencing, group class execution and applied questions. Application of sequencing, touch, communication and clinical reasoning are analysed for competency in the healthcare setting.


Virtual Lecture Series comprising modules on – Inner Unit Activation, Neutral Pelvis, Spinal Articulation, Hip, Thoracic, Cervical Spine & Scapular. Content includes applied anatomy, motor control, activation, normal stability and movement patterns and biomechanics. Lecture series is pre-recorded and includes both audio and visual references.

Virtual Core Principle stability and exercises – the above modules are broken down to apply specific anatomy, motor control, stability, biomechanics and pathological principles to exercise and movement.

Access granted from sign up until 30 June 2024.


Comprehensive breakdown of anatomical, motor control and stability principles and visual exercise guide for mat and reformer exercise and repertoire. Complete with cueing, modifications, progressions and prescription (springs, dosage, load, contraindications).

Manual sent out at the time of sign up, or available for in-studio pick up.

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